Removing the Blindfold: Channel Analytics to Accelerate Growth and Optimize ROI

For decades, channel managers have struggled to get the basic information they need to do their jobs effectively.

  • “Which partners are growing faster than the market? What are they doing differently?”
  • “Which programs are driving growth in the channel? What is our ROI?"
  • “Where should we focus our limited sales and marketing?”

These questions should be easy to answer, but usually they’re not. Data gaps force channel managers to make critical investment decisions based on hunches and anecdotes with little or no ability to measure the impact. Unfortunately, millions of dollars are invested every day in the wrong programs with the wrong partners.

Recent advancements in business intelligence and big data management now make it possible to mine data from previously siloed IT systems to generate deep insight regarding channel partner activity. Sophisticated channel managers are leveraging new tools and techniques to not only increase visibility of past channel performance, but also to predict which investments will have the greatest impact on partner behavior and success.

During this 45-minute webinar, John DeSarbo, Principal at ZS Associates, and Daniel Hawtof, Vice President of Best Practices at Channelinsight, covered best practices and practical recommendations for how to build a channel analytics engine for your business.

The webinar explores exciting new approaches to:

  • Partner Segmentation & Targeting
  • Program Performance Analysis
  • Collaborative Marketing

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