Hospital As Factory: How Medtech Can Create Value Along the Supply Chain

Posted by Brian Chapman on September 22, 2015

Though deep in the medtech world for long time, I can still remember the impressions I had when I first entered 12 years ago after a nearly a decade in specialty chemicals. I vividly recall in 2004 chasing after a sales rep with whom I was riding as we tried to track down some rental assets lost in the bowels of the hospital. I remember taking little stickers from the box of a pacemaker and pressing them into a logbook while the physician dictated notes into a tape recorder at the end of a case. The rep explained that he needed the stickers for his company to issue an invoice. And I remember climbing out of a massive SUV while the spine rep with whom I was riding explained the concept of “trunk stock.” Feeling a bit bewildered by this new world, and yearning a bit for my old specialty chemicals domain, where suppliers differentiated themselves by making transactions and supply chain simple for their customers, I asked myself:

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