From Collision to Collaboration: How Diagnostics, Pharma and Patients Can Succeed Together

Posted by Jim Adelizzi on August 31, 2017

Pavan Anne co-wrote this blog post with Jim Adelizzi.

In this new era of personalized medicine, matching the right patient with the right targeted therapy requires pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to reach across industry lines and collaborate long before launch. Together, they need to create a strategy that enables the companion diagnostic to differentiate and accelerate the therapy rather than impede its growth. I’ve witnessed a few ways that these entities can create a go-to-market strategy in unison and carry that tight-knit collaboration all the way to market. To illustrate the inherent challenges, let’s consider the case of two fictional oncology companies that have entered into a research and commercialization agreement: Pharma Depot Co. and Diagnostics “R” Us Inc. 

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