What Can Ford’s River Rouge Plant Teach Us About Vertical Integration in Healthcare?

Posted by Brian Chapman on August 28, 2018

This blog post was originally published on the Medtech Conference (AdvaMed) blog

For anyone who grew up in Michigan, the Ford River Rouge Plant is legendary, in both the scale of its ambition and its dramatic fall as the auto industry matured. Built outside of Detroit in 1928, it was the largest manufacturing facility in the world at its peak, with 16 million square feet and 100,000 employees. Unloaded on the docks of the River Rouge were iron ore, coal and other raw materials. Rolling out the other side of the factory were fully finished cars. In between was a steel mill that boasted its own coal power plant. By 2018 the factory was idled and now has a museum, a light truck assembly facility and a very large parking lot.

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