The IDN Partnership Manifesto

Posted by Yuta Ito on June 21, 2018

Jonathan Freaney co-wrote this blog post with Yuta Ito. 

“Nothing happens until the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change.” 

The CEO of Atrium Health, Eugene Woods, opened the 2018 Healthcare Transformation Summit, held June 7-8 in Austin, Texas, with this quote along with examples of the transformation initiatives that Atrium was undertaking. While change is happening at a different pace across the U.S. and taking form in many ways, there was an air of consensus that partnership and collaboration with suppliers outside of their traditional “swim lanes” will hold the key to a successful and agile transformation. At the conference, we learned how these partnerships are taking shape and making a remarkable impact on the health systems and the patients they serve.

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