The Shakeout of 2020: The Year That Small Changes Emerge From the Big Hype

Posted by Brian Chapman on January 13, 2020

With a new year and a new decade underway, it’s a great time to trot out my latest healthcare predictions. Perhaps one of the areas that healthcare’s transformation will be most evident is in the transfer of power across care settings. In the US, hospitals will lose a high number of orthopedic and cardiac procedures—and their corresponding profits—to ambulatory settings. Headline-grabbing trends like AI, big data and robotics are on the list, too, and although their individual impact on the sector will be meaningful, it likely won’t measure up to the hype. Finally, medtech will take advantage of the decade’s fresh start by modernizing its business approach and finally entering the digital age. Here’s how these five trends will alter the way that medtech companies do business and make decisions in the coming years.

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