Medtech Feeling Stuck? Here Are Three ‘No Regret’ Moves to Ensure Your Sustainable Success

Posted by Sudhanshu Bhatnagar on March 21, 2018

In recent conversations with clients, we’ve been hearing a lot of the same concerns from medtech’s commercial leaders, who feel stymied by conflicting priorities. They see the healthcare ecosystem changing around them, sweeping up some of their customers along the way. They want to make investments to start adapting to these changes, and to future-proof their organizations for the inevitable changes to come, yet they’re also facing significant revenue and SG&A pressures today. These executives are telling us that they’re feeling forced to "have a foot in both worlds," supporting business as usual and addressing today’s needs while planning and preparing for medtech’s evolution tomorrow. As one medtech leader reflected, “Are we focusing too much on transforming for this unclear, fuzzy future state, and leaving money on the table today?”

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