Why Oncology Marketers Need to Go Back to Basics

Posted by Carolyn Morrow on Oct 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Amy Marta and Malik Kaman co-authored this blog post with Carolyn Morrow.

The oncology market is evolving quickly, and with more than 600 products in the late-stage pipeline, the competition is fierce. “Me too” products are much more common and the pace of clinical data releases is at an all-time high, so as pharmaceutical companies are looking for opportunities to not only keep up but also get an edge on the competition, they’re looking to what’s new in oncology marketing. But is that the right question?  

When we look at how oncology marketing has operated over the last decade—whether marketing teams are from companies with big blockbuster drugs or have roots in general medicine, deep oncology expertise or startup-level experience—we see a number of common missteps that have snuck into daily practice and are hindering teams’ ability to excel with marketing. Maybe the question shouldn’t be about what’s the latest new thing in marketing but rather about getting back to marketing fundamentals to differentiate your brand from the crowd. 

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