Retaining Top Sales Talent Is Hard. What Can Oncology Companies Do About It?

Posted by David Kriesman on Mar 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Jamie Kaplan and Bridget Kernan co-wrote this blog post with David Kriesman.

In today’s highly competitive oncology market, retaining top-performing reps has become increasingly difficult no matter what kind of company you are. A growing number of startups are enticing reps away from established companies with an exciting opportunity: the chance to launch new, cutting-edge therapies. The promise (and financial upside) can be quite appealing, yet those same biotech companies must defend against the “serial launcher”: reps cashing in at launch and then moving on to the next new and shiny place. As companies grapple with these retention struggles, they’re quick to point to the reps’ compensation plan as the primary culprit. While that may not be entirely true, there’s often room to improve how your incentive plan helps improve motivation and retention.

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