A New Way of Doing Primary Market Research in Oncology

Posted by Aritra Das on Aug 7, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Carolyn Morrow co-wrote this blog post with Aritra Das.

Pharmaceutical companies face numerous obstacles when conducting primary market research in the oncology space. For one, the complex and nuanced clinical data that’s being presented to oncologists can cause decision paralysis, making it difficult for traditional market research to reliably predict future market outcomes. Second, various cognitive biases create a gap between how HCPs respond to a survey and how they actually behave in real life. Third, real-world group decision-making (tumor boards, for example) can’t be adequately mimicked in a one-on-one market research capacity. Lastly, to add to it all, overcrowded markets are creating an overload of research requests directed at the same set of HCPs, which causes survey fatigue and leads to lower-quality responses and lower response rates.

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