Powering Up Your Oncology Patient Support Program

Posted by Rachael Pius on Nov 20, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Gila Allswang co-wrote this blog post with Rachael Pius.

As oncology patients and caregivers continue to play a more active role in their healthcare decisions and have more options available to them than ever before, many pharma companies are upping their investment in patient support programs. While patient-centered care can empower and engage patients by building their knowledge—and can often drive competitive differentiation—it’s also fraught with its own challenge: Oncology patients simply are not aware of the service offerings provided by manufacturers and are much less likely to use them. On average, only 46% of oncology patients and caregivers are aware of the offerings available to them, according to ZS’s recent survey on patient support programs. In many cases they may also find the offerings from other stakeholders in the health ecosystem to be more relevant to meet their needs. Further, oncology patients are offered support from many different players across the healthcare ecosystem—patient advocacy, specialty pharmacy, payers, hospital systems and pharmaceutical manufacturers are all offering patients support. There’s a high degree of overlap across the landscape, so it’s important for manufacturers to understand where patients are accessing support and why.

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