Attention Oncology Manufacturers: Customer Experience Matters

Posted by Jon Roffman on Apr 4, 2016 8:00:00 AM

What’s the experience that we want our customers to have? It’s a simple question, really, so why isn’t it front and center for marketing and sales people at oncology companies? Perhaps because being in the business of providing life-extending medicines to cancer patients, we would believe that should result in a positive customer experience. We’d at least expect an experience that’s better than, say, the next iPhone or a visit to the Magic Kingdom, and yet when you look at the Net Promoter Score for oncology manufacturers, the experience that they deliver lags woefully behind that of Apple and Disney. In fact, based on a recent research study conducted by ZS, we see that most oncology manufacturers have a negative Net Promoter Score, meaning that more of their customers have a negative experience than a positive one.

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