AI Is Driving Change in Oncology Practice and Commercialization. Are You Part of the Wave?

Posted by Shankar Viswanathan on Feb 15, 2018 9:15:07 AM

Arup Das co-wrote this blog post with Shankar Viswanathan.

Looking back at 2017, artificial intelligence and machine learning made impressive progress when it comes to improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. Using deep learning, computers are scouring images to detect signs of breast cancer in mammograms earlier than humans are currently capable of. Using AI “random forests,” a learning algorithm, investigators are more accurately predicting which drug combination will work better in BRAF mutant melanoma. The AI-facilitated discovery of Berg Health’s BPM 31510, a pancreatic cancer drug, has entered human development clinical trials. AI is not only powering oncology drug discovery, faster detection and personalized treatment but also helping to improve oncology commercialization effectiveness and agility through analytics. 

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