Accelerating Real-World Evidence to Advance the Trial Landscape

Posted by Maria Whitman on Jul 19, 2017 9:42:04 AM

Mimi Traylor-Knowles co-wrote this blog post with Maria Whitman.

At the 2017 Annual Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO), Dr. Sean Khozin, senior medical officer at the FDA, opened his Saturday session with some trivia: When was the first controlled clinical trial? The answer, which surprised many of my fellow attendees, was 1747, when James Lind held a trial to determine if citrus juice would help control the symptoms of scurvy. Dr. Khozin then showed a timeline to demonstrate the history of controlled clinical trials. He concluded his session with a single but poignant visual: a flat line stretching more than 250 years from then until now. As the world has made historic progress in innovation—from steam locomotives to a man on the moon to the internet and all that we have today—controlled clinical trials have remained largely the same. 

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