Five Elements of a Successful Oncology Product Launch

Posted by Arup Das on Jan 23, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The explosion of new therapies in oncology, and the growing queue of them waiting for FDA approvals, has created an ongoing race to learn, launch and repeat. If you’re a small company—more nimble than the established players—you’ll face the challenge of how to launch your first product in the market. With limited resources, the most common questions that small companies face include, “Where should we invest?” and, “What will get the product to the patients who need it the most?” Even bigger companies are seeking smarter and more efficient means of launching their new products. Some are doing better than others because they’re tailoring their roles according to customer requirements, investing (and collaborating) wisely to maximize limited resources, and preparing for the long run. Here are five key elements that are enabling their success: 

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