Payers’ Hands Are Still Tied With Oncology Combination Regimens

Posted by Nicolle Hamilton on May 23, 2019 10:11:35 AM

Lawrence Lee co-wrote this blog post with Nicolle Hamilton.  

The oncology pipeline is rich with potential combination regimens across both liquid and solid tumor types. Several manufacturers are developing or marketing PD-1/PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors as a “backbone” for their combination regimen portfolio. Although there are only a few currently marketed regimens with multiple targeted agents (such as Opdivo-Yervoy in ovarian cancer, Tafinlar-Mekinist in metastatic melanoma, and several combos in multiple myeloma), combination approaches may become the standard of care for many tumor types. Indeed, these novel-novel approaches can yield compelling clinical outcomes. For example, Opdivo-Yervoy reduced progression risk by 58% vs. Yervoy alone in melanoma.

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