How COVID-19 is impacting B-to-B sales demand in the US

Posted by Jason Brown on Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Emily Alexander co-wrote this blog post with Jason Brown.

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As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, B-to-B organizations are wondering how demand will be affected going forward, both geographically and by business segment. Also, is their company’s performance consistent with the market, and when and how quickly will demand rebound?

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Adapting and Thriving as a Middle-Market Business in Today's Shifting Landscape

Posted by Sean Moran on Thu, Apr 02, 2020

Andrea Traverso and Tim Katerberg co-wrote this blog post with Sean Moran.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, middle-market companies are facing unique challenges and need to adjust their sales and customer outreach processes quickly to adapt to new economic and social realities. Beyond the most important initial concerns about health and safety, sales reps are also losing their sense of purpose at work as deals they were working on slow down, and their natural habitat of being in front of customers is taken away. However, with these new challenges come opportunities, as well. This week, ZS co-hosted a virtual roundtable for a private equity fund comprised of the commercial leaders at middle-market companies across B-to-B sectors and life sciences. Here are the early actions that these leaders are taking to address these issues, and how they’re finding new opportunities along the way.

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Finding Purpose: The Role of the Sales Force During COVID-19

Posted by Chris Morgan on Thu, Mar 26, 2020

A pharma-industry-specific version of this blog post was published on ZS’s life sciences blog, The Active Ingredient.

Emily Alexander and Jason Brown co-wrote this blog post with Chris Morgan. 

The most pressing challenge for our society is the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the global population and economy. Protecting the health of the population is the chief priority, and  stabilizing the economy is the next most urgent. However, as companies navigate this challenging landscape, leadership also is grappling with how to keep their sales teams engaged and productive . Companies are rapidly addressing practical issues like incentives, targets and rewards and are accelerating initiatives in digital communication and virtual learning.

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How Sales Leaders Are Tackling Coronavirus Fallout

Posted by Emily Alexander on Fri, Mar 13, 2020

This blog post was originally published on ZS's sales comp blog, The Carrot

Jason Brown co-wrote this blog post with Emily Alexander.

Nothing is more pressing right now than COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic is having on the U.S. population and economy. Safety is the chief priority, but sales leaders are already grappling with how to keep their sales teams engaged and productive during this tumultuous time. With travel restrictions, community gathering bans, work-from-home guidance and limitation of non-essential personnel from offices, it’s becoming almost impossible for field-based salespeople to do what they do best: Get in front of customers.

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