Social KPIs: Tracking Progress and Proving Impact

Posted by Alec Goldfield on Thu, Apr 07, 2016

This is the sixth post in a series based on a ZS social selling survey of 125 sales leaders.

While the four aspects of social selling that we’ve covered in our “Six Building Blocks of Social Selling” series all sound like good ideas in theory, it will be difficult to gain traction and prove their worth without a way to track the impact on your business and your team’s progress. This is where social key performance indicators come into play. By tracking measurable performance metrics, sales teams are able to drive and reward desired social selling behaviors. Social KPIs can be related to social selling training (the number of unique logins to a training site, or time spent on educational content), social selling adoption (the number of new connections, or LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index score), and, especially, social selling impact (the number of qualified leads generated, or the number of content shares by customers).

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