Autodesk's Approach to Motivating a Millennial Sales Force and Tackling Some of the Biggest Sales Comp Challenges

Posted by Alex Southworth on Thu, Aug 17, 2017

For high-tech companies, a strong inside sales function boosts efficiency and lowers costs, and for millennial-age salespeople, inside sales roles offer the chance to collaborate with a team instead of working solo in the field.

After ZS’s 2017 Comp Bytes event, where executives from leading high-tech brands met to discuss sales compensation challenges and innovations, I spoke with Robert Bieshaar, senior director of worldwide sales and services incentive compensation at Autodesk, to learn how inside sales models are evolving at his organization, what he and his colleagues are doing to motivate the next generation of salespeople, and how Autodesk is working to overcome one of the most common and cumbersome sales comp challenges: goal-setting fairness.

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