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Achieving Superior Organic Growth

SFE Navigator is a rigorous approach for evaluating sales force effectiveness (SFE) and for determining the optimal path to profitable growth. By incorporating highly granular leading practice benchmarks and impact assessments, SFE Navigator provides maximum objectivity, accuracy and specificity. Whenever possible, we recommend that you use SFE Navigator to help you determine your SFE priorities.

SFE Nav-Lite™ is a simplified version of SFE Navigator. It requires less time and analysis, but does not provide the same level of objectivity, accuracy or specificity. SFE Nav-Lite can be appropriate when the primary goals are to establish a shared framework and to initiate preliminary discussion and evaluation. Note that these goals can also be accomplished with SFE Navigator.

As a committed partner to the sales profession, ZS Associates is making these frameworks and tools openly available to all sales practitioners and academics. The following resources are accessible here:

  1. SFE Navigator™ and SFE Nav-Lite™ online software (please submit the form to request access)
  2. SFE Navigator™ and SFE Nav-Lite™ PDF downloads 
  3. "Building a Customer-Focused Growth Engine," Selling Power magazine article by ZS Associates
  4. "Sales Force Effectiveness: An Idea Whose Time Has Come," Selling Power magazine article by Neil Rackham 
  5. SFE Navigator™ Selling Power Special Edition

With SFE Navigator, you can:

  • Develop a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the core drivers of SFE.
  • Ensure tight alignment between your SFE decisions and the growth opportunities that are most important to your company and sales force's success.
  • Better understand and assess the interdependencies between drivers, resulting in more complete assessments and planning.
  • Develop an ongoing business capability that drives continuous improvement and supports larger-scale transformations.

An Approach for Today’s Complex Environment

SFE Navigatorprovides a number of powerful advances over other models and approaches:

  • Greater objectivity, accuracy and specificity. SFE Navigator™ combines a more comprehensive framework with uniquely granular leading-practice benchmarks, more objective rating scales and more explicit assessments of driver interdependencies.
  • Increased business impact. SFE Navigator™ explicitly links prioritization decisions to the sales force’s most important growth opportunities, key pain points and costly competitive disadvantages.
  • Broader applicability. SFE Navigator is specifically designed to support any industry, region and combination of sales models (e.g., key account program, field sales, inside sales, etc.).
  • Greater flexibility. Users can select between SFE Navigator and SFE Nav-Lite depending on their specific needs and objectives.

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