iStock_000002497308SmallThe prescription drug industry is under a lot of change with the Affordable Care Act, heavy drug pricing debates for oncology and hepatitis C, and many system reforms in Europe.

In a detailed interview I recently did with Health Network Communications, I discussed the most important issues for the industry and their implications for drug pricing strategies.

My interview focused on the challenges that payers are facing globally due to a combination of factors such as the economic recession in Europe, new emerging technologies and increasing patient health-care needs. Changes in the environment have further increased urgency to carefully consider how drug development programs can generate strong evidence in support of compelling value propositions to patients, their treating physicians and payers.

Many of these topics will be debated in more depth at the Ninth Annual Pharma Pricing & Market Access Congress in London, February 24-25, 2015, which I am chairing. This annual event is considered Europe’s largest market access and pricing conference.

Read my full interview with Health Network Communications.

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