FrontCover_High-Res_revisedMore than three years have passed since The Price of Global Health was first published. As the book’s author, I have been delighted with the enthusiastic reactions, which as I mentioned in the book’s preface, has made me wonder why I did not write it before. Meanwhile, the prescription drug market has continued to rapidly change with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in the United States, AMNOG in Germany and many other changes in payer systems worldwide. Also, I have received a lot of interest in addressing some additional topics related to pharmaceutical market access and pricing. Today, I am happy to announce the imminent publication of a second edition of The Price of Global Health.

Global drug pricing is under increasing pressure from payers, physicians and the broader public. Particularly, high-cost oncology and other specialty drugs have been scrutinized in light of high budget impact and patient co-pay costs. Medical societies, such as ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology), have started to incorporate cost considerations in treatment guidelines; budget-constrained European payers have further intensified evidence requirements versus comparator therapies; and U.S. payers seem more empowered than ever to take tough coverage policy decisions in more crowded therapy areas. All these trends increasingly magnify the need to structure a strong payer value story across eligible patient populations within the proposed label.

New Chapters and Updates

In addition to providing updates with respect to changes in the key global payer systems, the book’s new edition addresses the specific needs that are further amplified through the ongoing environmental trends. New chapters discuss specific topic areas such as the payer value story, oncology and orphan drugs, and payer negotiations—topics that are essential material in the context of the market changes discussed above. In addition, the payer segmentation and payer and pricing research chapters have been updated and expanded. Country chapters have been significantly updated, reflecting substantial system changes in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil and smaller changes in other countries, and a new chapter about South Korea has been added. Many other updates, changes and additions have been made, and all illustrations have been updated.

The Price of Global Health, second edition will be available in January 2015, directly through Gower Publishing and through online retailers such as Amazon. More information can be found on the ZS website.

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