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Life at ZS

The Women’s Leadership Initiative in Princeton Fuels Progress for Women

Posted by ZS on Mar 15, 2018 2:00:00 PM

The ZS Women’s Leadership Initiative in Princeton welcomed a large and diverse group to its International Women’s Day event on March 8. At ZS, we continue to fuel progress and make positive gains towards gender parity, which is aligned with this year’s theme of “Press for Progress.”

The event kicked off with a snapshot of how women are currently perceived at our firm. Using feedback from a survey, ZSers mentioned women needing to mimic male leadership styles, that women sometimes struggle for a “voice” and how to not be interrupted during meetings. Some ideas around advancing gender equality in the workplace included establishing key performance indicators and involving males when pressing for progress.

After discussing these topics, the office leads from the Women’s Leadership Initiative and appointed male ambassadors helped moderate breakout discussions around key questions related to gender inequality and a vision for the firm’s female-centric leadership aspirations in the year 2025.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative plans on using highlights from the breakouts, including offering coaching and mentoring to female ZSers, furthering unconscious bias training in more offices, uncovering key challenges affecting gender inequality, promoting flexible schedules and ensuring the firm continues to have an inclusive culture, to further the group’s mission of empowering women to have successful careers in consulting.



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