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ZS Women Balance Two Important Jobs

Posted by ZS on May 21, 2018 2:00:00 PM

ZS-Mom-Blog-18-1Finding a work-life balance—for any individual—can be tricky. All working mothers experience the competing demands of raising a family while building a career. However, many believe, finding harmony between these two simultaneous jobs at ZS is not only possible, but also tremendously meaningful.

Pooja, a human resources manager in Pune, believes that being a working mom is the toughest role any woman can play. “There is an ongoing tussle in our minds, either you are being unfair to your child, family when you cannot give them quality time, or you feel you are falling back on your promise to yourself when you decided to pursue a career,” she shares. However, she feels that ZS has made her journey as a mother very comfortable, offering her time off and work from home days during the most critical phase in her son’s education. Her 20-year-old son Vedant, who she says is more like a friend these days, will be attending MIT College in Pune to pursue his Engineering Degree.

“I’m so grateful to work for a company that values moms,” says Jessie, a senior finance associate in Evanston. As a mother of a 7-month-old daughter, Jessie is thankful for the office accommodations available for new moms. Also, Jessie works from home days, two “treasured” days a week to cut down her long commute and spend time with her daughter Brooke who, she claims, “has momma’s sass.”

Roveiza, a strategy insights and planning consultant in San Francisco, is the proud mother of a 2-and-a-half-year-old “ball of energy.” “He is outgoing and personable—like his dad, organized and clutter-phobic—like me, and a hilarious goofball—I’m not sure where this came from,” she explains. Roveiza understands it takes a village to raise a child. “I'm grateful and privileged for the "village" of support that empowers me to do my best both at work and at home: my ZS teams, my husband, great friends and role model super moms, reliable childcare, and of course - Amazon Prime.”

Jenni, a strategy insights and planning manager and active member of the Women’s Leadership Initiative based in San Diego, is a proud mother of three. Her children, Sawyer (5), Beckett (3.5), and Piper (17 months), were all born since she started working at ZS. As one can imagine, having three kids under five years old is a hand-full. Luckily, Jenni has been able to take three maternity leaves, work both full time and flex time, and even transition from consultant to manager. “I feel like there's no perfect balance and I struggle at times, but ZS and the people here make my career so rewarding,” Jenni shares. Her children have even picked up on her passion for working at ZS. “They see my example of working hard for our family, and say that ‘mommy helps solve problems and gets people medicines that they need to feel better.’’’ While Jenni believes this is a “major overstatement” of her role, her children remind her of the good work she is doing as a part of ZS.

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