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ZS Takes Center Stage at Cypher 2018 in India

Posted by ZS on Oct 26, 2018 12:22:55 PM

For the second consecutive year, ZS participated in Cypher, India’s largest analytics summit hosted by Analytics India Magazine. The three-day event took place last month in Bangalore, which is not only a well-known tech hub teeming with big data and advanced data science talent, but also the location of ZS’s newest office as we expand our Capability and Expertise Center and presence in India.

Nearly 800 analytics professionals gathered for the event‘s power-packed agenda, which included more than 100 speakers, 60 presentations and 15 workshops covering a variety of technology domains.

A number of ZS leaders attended including Regional Managing Principal Sanjay and Bangalore Office Managing Principal Shankar, and several shared their expertise through presentations and workshops, including data science, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, analytics and other emerging technologies. Check out some of the session overviews below:  

  • Innovation @ The Intersection: Creating Impact with AI: Principals Abhishek, Mohit and Shankar delivered the keynote address, which focused on the importance of AI as technology rapidly evolves, how it will help transform new and existing business models and unlock additional value across all industries.
  • Design Intelligence: AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are transforming the pharmaceutical R&D landscape, however, there are challenges implementing NLP in these complex specialized domains. Participants learned about how ZS’s Advanced Data Science team is solving these challenges and building new applications to drive efficiency in trial operations.
  • Driverless Forecasting: Solving Short-Term Needs: Short-term forecasting is critical to a successful business because it impacts both upstream and downstream stakeholders. However, doing this efficiently can be challenging. Drawing on his experience at the M4 Forecasting Competition—a global competition that aims to identify the most accurate forecasting methods— Manager Prakash shared the framework for driverless forecasting to achieve accuracy and agility by leveraging statistics and machine learning.
  • Leveraging AI for Customer-Centricity: It is becoming increasingly important to shift toward customer-centric marketing across all industries. During this session, attendees learned how AI and automation can help orchestrate the best customer experience through the new “Next Best Action” paradigm, which plans and executes the customer’s experience one interaction at a time.
  • Operationalizing AI: Decoding the Art of AI Alchemy: AI can be incredibly helpful, but how do you narrow down which algorithms will create the most value for an organization? Principals Abhishek and Vickye were joined by Amazon Principal Technical Evangelist Madhusudan Shekar to enlighten attendees on the lifecycle of AI applications, from designing, operationalizing and governing the model, as well as potential challenges and solutions to help succeed in this space.

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Check out more coverage of the event on ZS in India’s Twitter and our ZS Careers Instagram.

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