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ZS Moms Share Balance-Boosting Tips

Posted by ZS on May 13, 2019, 2:43:31 PM

Each year, ZS’s Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) – an affinity group founded on respect, support, flexibility and connections – celebrates Mother’s Day with a firm-favorite tradition: a virtual “show and tell” where ZS moms share pictures of their kids and engage in an honest dialogue about motherhood. In keeping with the global International Women’s Day theme #BalanceforBetter, we asked moms to share how they balance motherhood with their professional careers, along with a few tips they’ve learned along the way.

Here’s what a few ZS moms had to say:

Director of Global Recruiting Ashley believes her work-life balance has evolved as her two children have moved through different phases of life. She is thankful for the flexibility ZS has offered throughout her career to ensure she has enough quality time to enjoy the little things, like walking the kids to the bus and enjoying dinner together as a family.

Shelley, an administrative specialist in Evanston, has been with ZS for 22 years and knows firsthand that working a full-time job while being a mom is no easy task. “Between carpools, field trips and science fairs, I was determined to be there for everything,” said Shelley. “It’s difficult to balance and I admire the women at ZS who make it look effortless.” Check out Shelley’s sons attending their first ZS outing (left) and how they’ve grown today (right)!

As a new mom to an 11-month old, Principal Namita (Philadelphia) has learned that she no longer has control of her life the way she used to. She’s learned to delegate as many tasks as possible, so she can prioritize her time and focus on what’s important.

Jessie, a finance specialist in Evanston, has found that support is key when trying to balance work and family life. “Not only do we have a supportive family to help us, but my ZS team has always been wonderful,” said Jessie. “They are patient and understanding as I navigate surprise sick days and they take a genuine interest in my daughter’s well-being. It’s a testament to the kind of people we have at ZS.”

As she sends them off in the morning, Manager Terri reminds her four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son to “make it a good day by being a respectful student, good friend and powerful thinker.” She wants to her kids to know that they play an active role in shaping each day.

Associate Veronika (Evanston) admits that there’s no “golden rule” when it comes to achieving balance, especially when you’re a mother of two who is working toward an MBA and juggling a hectic work schedule. “I think it’s necessary to ask for help and to avoid comparing yourself to others. Instead, focus on what works for you and your family,” said Veronika.

Moms, are you looking for a new career opportunity in consulting? Check out ZS.


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