ZS Intern Discovers “Alt”-ernate Shortcuts to Microsoft Office

Posted by ZS on Jul 2, 2018 9:10:20 AM

Before starting as a summer intern in ZS’s Boston office, I had always considered myself “proficient” in Microsoft Office. Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel seemed like pretty straightforward programs with functionality I had been familiar with since computer literacy class in elementary school. 

At ZS, I have quickly come to realize how wrong I was. With the introduction of the “Alt” key at the week-long intern training in early June, I’m just beginning to understand how to use these programs to their full potential. To be completely honest, the first couple of weeks were a little rough. I felt embarrassingly slow compared to more seasoned team members when trying to make changes on the fly during meetings. At the same time, I was attempting to grasp the relevant information and background about my project, which did not make it any easier.

However, the people at ZS have been extremely encouraging and helpful throughout this entire process.

While some have taken the “tough love” route by taking away my mouse and forcing me to learn a different shortcut, others have patiently shared with me their most used keystrokes. Regardless of approach, I am deeply grateful to these ZSers for sharing their knowledge and expertise with me.  I still forget the shortcuts from time to time but I am much faster overall than I was before.

While it has only been a couple of weeks, I have had a great time so far in the Boston office and am excited to tackle the challenges (and hopefully become more proficient in Excel and PowerPoint) during the remainder of my internship!

This post was written by Lawrence, a student at Princeton University studying neuroscience. This summer, he's interning at ZS’s Boston office.

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