Andrew’s “Boomerang” Experience Proves Impact and Innovation Are Possible in Every Industry

Posted by ZS on Aug 1, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Principal Andrew was in business school at the University of Michigan when he started looking for an internship that would allow him to do the kinds of projects he liked most—those that helped clients improve their commercial capabilities through sales and marketing. That’s when he found ZS .

After a successful summer spent working on sales projects with a large pharmaceutical company, he accepted an offer to join ZS’s Chicago office as a consultant.

After nearly four years spent helping clients in the airline and building products industries, he was ready for a new, different adventure. In 2007, he accepted a role at growth strategy firm which was, ironically, located only a few blocks from ZS.

“I had a great experience there, but found myself missing the people and the unified culture at ZS more and more,” Andrew said. That, in combination with ZS’s growing reputation in marketing, is what led him to rejoin the firm in 2014.

Andrew “boomeranged” back to help lead our growth marketing work, and was elected principal in September, 2017. Today, he helps travel, hospitality and financial services companies see the marketplace differently and leverage insights that will help them grow more effectively and efficiently. 

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Boston Principal Karthik’s Pursuit of Impact

Posted by ZS on Jul 25, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Principal Karthik has always relished in research and innovation, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he truly figured out how to channel that passion.  After earning his PhD in industrial engineering, Karthik went on to accept a research role in operations and supply chain management at the IBM Watson lab in New York. After four years and multiple patents, he acquired a breadth of new knowledge—and a growing desire to do more. In his head, Karthik kept replaying the words of his Purdue advisor: “Your research is great, but who is going to use it?” 

“At IBM, my projects were all applications-oriented,” Karthik explained. “As I did those projects, the urge to see the influence my research had on implementation and, ultimately, change only increased more.”

So, in 2010, when an operations research consultant role opened up in Chicago, Karthik made the decision to join ZS. He knew the firm well, seeing as his wife had been a ZSer for six years herself. Karthik was elected principal in 2017. Today, he leads our marketing, market research and analytics work with pharmaceutical clients from the Boston office.

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San Francisco-based Associate Principal Tanya Says Local Pride@ZS Teams Feed Off Surrounding Cities’ Energy

Posted by ZS on Jul 20, 2018 11:30:00 AM

ZS has been my home since March, 2018. As an associate principal on the Patient and Consumer Health Team, leading our efforts across the western North America region, I spend most of my time at our San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting our offices in New York, Princeton and Philadelphia, as our clients routinely convene on the East Coast for meetings.

I’ve always firmly believed that if an organization wants people to bring their best selves to problem-solving and the creation of new capabilities, they need to embrace different points of view. During my time here, I’ve seen how ZS embraces hard-working individuals from different walks of life, including my own.

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Computer Geek to Consultant: Principal Kapil Lends “Tech-spertise” to ZS

Posted by ZS on Jul 18, 2018 10:00:00 AM

A “computer geek” has no business at a management consulting firm. That’s what Principal Kapil would have thought 20 years ago when he started his career as a software developer during the dot com boom—a path that eventually led him to become a chief architect and IT executive at several companies over the course of more than a decade. Even just five years ago, consulting would have seemed like an unlikely career move for Kapil. Today though, he works as a principal in ZS’s Princeton office. 

“I had several friends who worked in consulting and they encouraged me to give it a try,” Kapil said.

At the end of Kapil’s first project—a large, very challenging one—he realized he loved the thrill of his new gig. Today, he works within business technology and leads the REVO Analytics platform along with other Big Data-related projects. The nature of his expertise has led him to work on projects across many industries and verticals across pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

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LA Principal Martin’s Magical, Meandering Path at ZS

Posted by ZS on Jul 11, 2018 10:00:00 AM

After working for several years out of undergrad, Principal Martin decided to leave his UK home to pursue his MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. It was there that an adviser gave him a piece of advice that would ultimately change everything. 

“He told me to enroll in one class I didn’t think I’d be at all interested in,” Martin said. “So I took a healthcare marketing class. I loved it, and that shifted my entire perspective.”

Martin reached out to an MBA classmate who worked at ZS. That conversation led to an interview, which led to a job as a consultant back in ZS's London office. After working on some sales force sizing and marketing mix projects, Martin went onsite at a large pharmaceutical company for about two years, where he led the business implementation of a CRM system for over 10,000 sales reps in 23 countries.

Exhilarated by that project, Martin was ready for his next big challenge: Helping to launch ZS’s Zurich office. While in Switzerland, in addition to building out the office and working with several smaller European clients, Martin began focusing on and growing our business with one large pharmaceutical company.

“Many people at ZS have deep expertise in one area, but I’m more of a deep generalist,” Martin said. “In this case, it worked in my favor. I was able to build a strong relationship with the client, see their business from a more holistic perspective and advise on a broad range of issues.” It was, he says, an early success that paved the way for the key account management strategy we now have in place across Europe.

The experience piqued his interest and after being elected associate principal, Martin relocated to the U.S. in pursuit of a new challenge. Martin was elected principal last September, and now spends most of his time on sales analytics operations, managed markets and brand team support for a large client out of the Los Angeles office.

“My path to principal was certainly a winding one, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” Martin said. “I’ve challenged myself, learned so many new things and had the chance to work with ZS people across almost all our offices and regions along the way.” 

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