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Life at ZS

Taking the Plunge With CTO-Elect Abhishek

Posted by ZS on Jan 4, 2019 4:36:02 PM

Before coming to ZS, Pune ZSer Abhishek—who was named Executive Director last year and will become Chief Technology Officer in January—spent years pursuing his career in IT and diverse post-graduate studies in India and the United States. After more than a decade leading global teams from the US, Abhi decided to join ZS and relocate to Pune. Three years later (and counting!), his love of the people and ZS culture is still going strong.  

“The humility of ZSers, especially our leaders, is what made me want to join ZS,” said Abhi. “ZSers are open to new perspectives in a way unlike any other company I’ve worked with. Rather than being closed off to new ideas, they are willing to collaborate to find joint solutions to complex problems.”  

As the next CTO, Abhi is thinking about the future—focusing on how ZS is evolving from a technology standpoint and ensuring that we are ready for the next wave of technology changes. As the consulting industry transforms to more asset and IP-based consulting and technology takes centerstage, Abhi will help ZS focus on turning new ideas into assets by productizing and commercializing them—covering a broad spectrum of prototype and products.

We talked about what you do. So, why do you do it?

My role gives me the opportunity to work at the intersection of innovation, strategy, management and technology. It’s the perfect combination of my passions and expertise. The future of technology is rapidly evolving and we’re starting to think about where ZS will play in those new areas, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain and more. Every day is full of exciting, new challenges! I’m also motivated by the great leaders and smart people at ZS and the many opportunities to learn and evolve.

What was the most game-changing feedback you ever received?

Be open to taking risks and changing the status quo. While working in Boston as a young software developer establishing myself in the world of IT, the head of my team gave me this advice when we were working on a project together. I had to make a change to something in a live system, but I was nervous because I didn’t want to mess anything up. He assured me that it’s okay to fail because that’s how you learn. Of course, we should always be cautious and avoid failing when possible, but we need to be comfortable with the fact that it’s going to happen sometimes. Never let your fear of failing make you too hesitant to even try something new.

What’s your life like outside of ZS?

Outside of work, my life revolves around the three Fs: family, food and fun. My wife, Shivangee, and I have two sons, Ayushmaan and Vedant, and we love to travel and experience new places as a family. I’m a huge foodie and love to try new foods (the spicier the better)! I also love to cook but I never follow recipes. I just make things up as I go and follow my instinct, so don’t ask me to make the same dish twice!

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