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Life at ZS

Shubhangi’s Balancing Act as a Consultant and Mom

Posted by ZS on Dec 1, 2017 7:00:00 AM

zs-shubhangi-new-delhi.jpgThe challenges, people and independence keep ZS exciting for Shubhangi.

“We spend a lot of time working together to solve tough problems, both with our teams and with our clients, which has broadened my perspective,” said Shubhangi. “There’s a sense of ownership right from the start, which is what forms your growth curve.”

On her “wonderful journey” at ZS, the New Delhi-based business operations consultant looks back on her career as she completes three years and gets acclimated to her new position following a promotion.

Why did you join ZS?

I’ve always enjoyed developing programs and creating tools to optimize processes, so the business operations role at ZS seemed like a good fit for me. I also knew that work at a consulting firm would be intense so I wanted to join one where people have flexibility in times of need. During the placement presentation and interactions with leaders, ZS came across as a transparent firm that genuinely cares about work-life balance. As I look back, I’m glad I joined.

What do you love most about our firm?

The spirit of collaboration has enabled me to explore a variety of problems with other client teams, learn different perspectives on problem-solving and determine the best possible solutions. Every day presents a new challenge that inspires learning and what’s amazing is that your ideas are always welcomed. Work becomes fun when everyone around you is approachable and enthusiastic. The guidance of senior leaders also has been very valuable. 

Who has been the most influential person in your career?

Since the beginning of my journey at ZS, I have been closely working with Mukund, a business operations consultant who moved to our San Diego office from New Delhi. He helped me transition into ZS, as well as into our client team. His guidance has enabled me to evolve as a team leader.

How are you a being a mom and rocking it?


Besides being a ZSer, I’m also a proud mom of Devansh, my 1.5-year-old son. ZS has genuinely cared and supported me in both my roles. From planning maternity leave to coming back to work after seven months, it has been a smooth ride. I was able to put together a leave plan which included the flexibility to work from home or even extend my leave as long as I communicated in advance, which made all the difference.

My team and my project managers, Abhinav and Akshay, have been very supportive in regards to the flexible work options I chose. When I returned from maternity leave I rejoined the same client team, which helped me transition back to work quickly. My new project team also made sure I left the office on time.

Abhinav once told me that I needed to “write my own career story,” which I could do by making the most of the opportunities at ZS. That advice has stayed with me and I’m building my career, step by step.


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