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San Francisco-based Associate Principal Tanya Says Local Pride@ZS Teams Feed Off Surrounding Cities’ Energy

Posted by ZS on Jul 20, 2018, 11:30:00 AM

ZS-Pride-TanyaZS has been my home since March, 2018. As an associate principal on the Patient and Consumer Health Team, leading our efforts across the western North America region, I spend most of my time at our San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting our offices in New York, Princeton and Philadelphia, as our clients routinely convene on the East Coast for meetings.

I’ve always firmly believed that if an organization wants people to bring their best selves to problem-solving and the creation of new capabilities, they need to embrace different points of view. During my time here, I’ve seen how ZS embraces hard-working individuals from different walks of life, including my own.

I’ve been out at work since my mid-twenties, but there was never a particular moment when I came out. I always felt it was important to be true to myself in the workplace and not hide certain parts of my life. To me, not being out meant I would miss out on sharing the things that make me the happiest. It meant not bringing my full self to work, weakening my ability to enjoy life both in and out of the office. So, from the onset of my career, I’ve done my best to present who I authentically am. And because I know I have such strong support from my colleagues, I’ve also been comfortable sharing this aspect of my identity with my clients.  

Given how long I’ve been out in the work environment, I sometimes take for granted how empowered and comfortable I feel and I assume others feel the same. I know, however, this is not always the case. That’s why I jumped at the invitation to join the Pride@ZS team in San Francisco—ZS’s LGBTQ and ally resource network—and contribute to internal initiatives that would expand awareness around inclusion.

I would describe the LGBTQ community at ZS as a network stitched across offices, with centers of activity in larger offices. Our local Pride@ZS teams feed off the energy from their surrounding cities, and each one has its own unique community.

Originally from New York, my wife Karen and I always aspired to make San Francisco our home. While the city itself shares many similarities with NYC, it also offers so much natural beauty. We both love being outdoors in the Bay Area, taking day trips down the coast, hiking and going on beach outings with our dog Clyde. What I also appreciate about San Francisco is that the LGTBQ community is tightly woven into our city’s eclectic fabric. Our SF Pride@ZS team is currently trying to embrace that, and find new opportunities for ZS participation in the external community.

Tanya is an associate principal in ZS’s San Francisco office focused primarily on patient and consumer health. 

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