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Pune Principal Manish Makes Things Happen

Posted by ZS on Jul 2, 2019 1:50:40 PM

Before coming to ZS, Principal Manish spent 11 years working for a large IT services firm, leading their Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence business for life science clients. After working for such a large firm for so many years, Manish became keenly familiar with the culture of hierarchical organizations. After joining as an associate principal in the Pune office in 2015, Manish got a taste for the ZS way of life

Manish Sharma 11484_headshot“To be honest, I had to adjust to the culture at ZS. I was so used to working in hierarchical organizations where decisions are pushed down to you, so your heart and mind aren’t totally in it,” said Manish. “At ZS, we collaborate and come to a consensus before making big decisions, which ensures everyone is fully invested moving forward and allows us to have a greater impact.”

When Manish started his ZS career, he worked with a global team to set up the cloud platform for one of ZS’s largest pharma clients. Today, Manish is preparing for a new challenge as he transitions into the client development lead (CDL) role for another large pharma client. Aside from his client responsibilities, Manish is also working alongside several ZSers to increase the delivery excellence around the products and solutions we deliver in Business Technology (BT).

“We’re working on more international cloud-based projects, which are complex and require a different kind of skillset,” said Manish. “My focus has been setting up the Technology Delivery Expertise Center (TDEC), which brings together people, tools and processes to create a cohesive strategy for these projects, and I’m looking forward to continuing this work in 2019.”

What excites you most about the future of our firm, and how do you see yourself fitting into it as our firm evolves over the coming years?

I’m really excited about ensuring we maintain our quality and culture as we grow. I think if ZSers were given a choice between timely project delivery or producing quality work, they would choose quality 100-percent of the time. I don’t think you would find that same mindset at other firms. I’m also interested in continuing to improve the model we use to deliver client services from India. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last several years but I’m thinking about what else can we be doing and how we can improve collaboration between our onshore and offshore teams.

What’s the biggest mistake you ever made? What did you learn from it?

Being too focused on the end result rather than enjoying what I was actually doing. I think I may have missed a lot of opportunities to enjoy my work because in the back of my mind I was always focused on doing something right. Today, I think I’ve grown from this mentality. While goals and objectives still exist, I am better at staying present in the moment and enjoying the journey, rather than fixating on the outcome itself.

When you move on from ZS to the next chapter of your life story, Manish with Zariya team and kidswhat do you want people to remember about you?

I certainly don’t want to be remembered as some “big executive” because I think that’s a little boring and I hope to be known for something more meaningful. I’ve spent time working with Zariya through ZS Cares, where we help educate people in under-resourced urban areas in India and provide necessities, such as clothing. I can’t find the words to describe the amazing work the Zariya team does with kids. If in 10 years, somebody says they remember me for the work I did with the kids or for the problems I helped solve, I will be very happy.


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