Life at ZS

Life at ZS

Principal Bhargav Finds a Beautiful Blend

Posted by ZS on Apr 29, 2019, 4:33:49 PM

When Principal Bhargav (San Francisco) joined ZS as a manager in 2011, he was initially focused on managing high-tech clients. In 2015, Bhargav shifted his focus to ZS’s Medical Products & Services (MPS) offering. He joined the MPS leadership team last year and currently leads the MPS commercial operations  business—enabling clients to evolve their commercial operations, technology and analytics capabilities through large transformational programs. In addition to his commercial operations work, Bhargav also serves as the client service lead for a leading diabetes care company and a global cardiovascular solutions firm. 

Now that we discussed what you do, let’s get to “the why”. How does ZS’s Core Purpose resonate with you?Bhargav

For me, it’s all about collaborating to solve complex problems and make an impact for our clients. Changes are sweeping the healthcare industry and many of our med tech clients are at the forefront of these changes. My job is to help them implement the right operations, analytics and technology solutions and hence succeed by thriving through these dynamics. This requires me to develop my team to ensure they’re prepared to solve these complex problems and push myself to learn new things, so I can enable my clients and teams to be successful.

What’s the biggest mistake you ever made? What did you learn from it?

The biggest career mistake I made was not asking for help when I needed it. When I began working with pharma and healthcare early on in my ZS career, there were several occasions when clients approached me with issue areas that I was not an expert on. Rather than asking for help, I assumed I was responsible for delivering solutions by myself. I quickly realized that clients don’t expect me personally to be an expert on every issue area that they deal with.  In my role as a client manager, I can add value by orchestrating teams and leveraging expertise across ZS to deliver the solution to them.

What’s your life like outside of ZS?

My wife works in product management for a software firm. We have two boys—nine-year-old Vedang and five-year-old Vivikth. Life is full and exciting—mainly revolving around our work schedules and our boys’ activities. Vedang plays basketball and I coach Vivikth’s baseball team. As a family, we enjoy learning and doing things together (such as Sanskrit chanting, volunteering and playing board games). My wife and I are also big Jeopardy fans and like to catch up on the show every night. I’ve also recently started writing comedy and aspire to have my own standup show (my family is quite concerned about me going public with my jokes)!

When you move on from ZS to the next chapter of your life story, what do you want people to remember about you?

I would like to be remembered as someone who cared for his team, his clients and his firm. Someone who put others before himself. Someone who was always learning to provide value to those he worked with. And finally, someone who brought his whole self to work.

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