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Princeton Principal Arun’s Ever-Evolving Exploration

Posted by ZS on Dec 11, 2019 11:33:27 AM

Princeton Principal Arun first learned about ZS in 2005 while completing his B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. At the time, ZS had just started campus recruiting for our newly-opened Pune office. Arun knew ZS would be a good fit because it was the perfect intersection of science and business. During his time in Pune, his projects spanned many areas ranging from developing internal tools, incentive compensation design, sales force planning, APLD data analytics, forecasting, sales and analytics marketing and more.

Arun_Jain_blog“Starting my career in Pune was a formative experience,” said Arun. “I was able to explore various areas of our firm such as recruiting, office activities, culture building, engagement initiatives and more in addition to my project work.”

Arun transferred to the New York office in 2011 and since then has been helping a major pharmaceutical manufacturer with range of analytical solutions for their business problems. In 2017, Arun moved to Princeton office and has been helping an emerging pharmaceutical company launch its rare disease portfolio in oncology and neurology, in addition to his work supporting a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.

“Oncology is an area I have been passionate about since I started working on it in 2012,” said Arun. “I really enjoy the passion with which we apply data-driven approaches to bring innovative drugs to market and help patients fight their battles with cancer.”

How does ZS’s Core Purpose — together, we love solving complex problems to help companies and their customers thrive — resonate with you?

I learn so much from my clients and love when I can spend an entire day with them focusing on complex problems. I’m always surprised by the number of new and innovative solutions that result from those discussions. Working with clients side-by-side has helped me learn and grow on every interaction.

What excites you most about the future of our firm, and how do you see yourself contributing as our firm evolves over the coming years?

I’m excited about our work with automation and artificial intelligence – I’ve only just started learning, but I find it very intriguing and think the possible applications are endless. I’m also passionate about maintaining our culture as we continue to grow in the coming years. The entrepreneurial nature of our firm and apprenticeship learning model have significantly influenced my growth and I believe it will be important to maintain these aspects as we move into the future.

What’s your life like outside ZS and how do you balance it with your career?

My wife, Puja, and I have two kids – a daughter, who is StoryBook Landsix and a son, who is two – and I love spending time with them. My daughter is really into playing chess, so I enjoy getting defeated by her almost every time we play. We also love to travel whenever we get a chance and take a couple of weeks off every six months to get together with friends and family. Someone once gave me the advice to make your work and life part of each other and that has really helped me find balance. I keep fixed timeslots on my calendar where I focus on work, but I also keep time blocked that I use to spend with my family.

Some other passions of mine outside of work are drama, food and Indian Bollywood movies. I’ve even had the opportunity to participate in stage performances as well. There’s an Indian mythology story called Mahabharata and I played one of the characters in a three-hour stage production. I really enjoy performing and would love to participate in more shows if given the chance.

I follow a vegetarian diet and love Indian food and it’s my goal to eat at an Indian (or approximate Asian) restaurant in every city I visit.

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