A Breath of Fresh Air for San Diego ZSers

Posted by ZS on Nov 14, 2018 2:00:00 PM

Consulting can be a demanding profession, which is why our people find it important to press pause and have a little fun every so often.

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Risks That Reaped Rewards for San Francisco Principal Mary Ann

Posted by ZS on Nov 14, 2018 9:59:26 AM

After a long stint as investment banker, San Francisco Principal Mary Ann decided to pursue both an MBA and MPH at Berkeley. She was seeking a different career path and lifestyle but wasn’t quite sure what it looked like yet.

Fascinated by her graduate studies in healthcare, Mary Ann wanted to work at a biotech or medical device company, until she met a ZS alumnus in her program and learned about the work and culture of our firm.

After an internship at ZS, Mary Ann accepted a full-time role. “I interviewed at a few big firms but in the end, I chose ZS,” Mary Ann said. “It came down to culture, the people and the type of partnerships we have with our clients.”

Thirteen years later, Mary Ann still feels the same. “We truly embed ourselves within our clients’ organizations, and we’re with them for the long run. We don’t parachute in with a big idea and leave—we stick around to see it through.”

Today, in her role as principal, Mary Ann is closely aligned with clients focusing on marketing and commercial strategy and transformation projects. “Most recently, I’ve become interested in design thinking. I love researching and blending new disciplines from other industries with what’s special about ZS to bring a fresh perspective to our work.”

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ZS Veterans Reflect on Lessons Learned From Their Military Experience

Posted by ZS on Nov 9, 2018 12:49:06 PM

Every year on November 11, countries around the world celebrate those who have served in their armed forces. The United States celebrates Veterans Day and Canada, Australia, South Africa and many European countries celebrate Armistice or Remembrance Day. In celebration of this holiday, ZS veterans reflected on their time in the military and the invaluable experiences that have translated into a successful career at ZS.

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Consulting’s “Women Leaders” Recipient Jessica Jarvis Shares Practical Pointers for Following Your Passion

Posted by ZS on Nov 1, 2018 10:03:14 AM

As a senior-year chemical engineering and biology major in undergrad, Los Angeles-based Principal Jessica Jarvis imagined herself working at a pharmaceutical company. Until she stumbled upon ZS’s booth at a career fair, that is.

“I had never considered consulting but suddenly, I had this vision of myself in a lab day in and day out,” Jess said. “As someone who thrives on interaction, I realized it just wasn’t me.”

So she started researching ZS, and made a number of connections. “I liked that I’d still be able to apply my education in the healthcare field, but what really sold me was the people. Everyone I met was so dynamic.”

Now, 17 years later, Jess has one of the most people-centric roles there is at ZS—one that centers on cultivating strong, meaningful relationships: client service lead.

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Tokyo Principal Akihiro’s Japanese Journey

Posted by ZS on Oct 31, 2018 9:39:28 AM

Fourteen years ago, Principal Akihiro—known as Aki to his family and friends—was interviewing for his very first job. As chance would have it, ZS was also in the early stages of launching its Tokyo office. The rest is history.

Early in his career, Aki began working on sales analytics projects, eventually expanding his scope to include market research, forecasting and incentive compensation operations. He worked with a variety of companies across different geographies, focusing primarily on Japanese pharmaceutical clients.

Aki was elected principal last month, and he’s looking forward to the next phase of his ZS journey as we begin growing our presence in other parts of Japan, including Osaka. 

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