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One Company, a Global Reach: How Eric Worked Around the World

Posted by ZS on Nov 8, 2017, 3:00:00 PM

ZS-Headshot-Eric-San-Diego-Toronto.jpgZSers often stay with the company because they love the work they do every day. For some, like Strategy Insights and Planning Consultant Eric, that’s true from the moment they interview.

“I interviewed with 10 to 12 firms, but the case study I did for my final round at ZS was one of my most enjoyable experiences,” says Eric.

What he didn’t know at the time was that ZSers make an impact from the moment they join. The case studies he was asked to consider as part of his interview process were real client projects.

That made starting a career at ZS easy, but his passion for seeing the world made furthering his career even easier. In his time at ZS, Eric has seen and experienced the unique ways ZSers help clients in distinctly different business cultures in Canada, the UK and, today, the U.S.

What struck him most, he says, was the diversity of the London office, which has clients in markets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During his time in the London office, Eric noted that roughly half the people in the office weren’t Brits.

After sharing lunch with colleagues who came from all over Europe, they’d return to desks and client calls, and Eric would hear a smattering of languages from across the continent. But no matter how different the work or the language, they all showed the same deep commitment to teamwork and excellence ZS is known for.

Today, Eric is based in the San Diego office, focusing on medical technologies for healthcare outside of the pharmaceutical space. And he’s excited to be experiencing another new office.

Eric says that as long as you can prove you know how to bring value to the company and the clients, ZS will help you realize the career opportunities you have in mind.

“Don’t limit yourself. If you’re creative, just ask and they’ll help make it happen,” he says.

As for seeing more of the world? Eric’s not done there, either. After seeing a billboard every day near his Toronto office promoting tourism for Santorini, Greece, he eventually took a vacation there. It’s now his favorite travel destination.


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