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Life at ZS

Newly Promoted ZSers Jump for Joy

Posted by ZS on Aug 1, 2019 2:10:14 PM

ZS is a place where people can learn, grow and thrive in long-term careers. The ongoing feedback and professional development opportunities that come part and parcel with our ZS culture help our people progress toward their career goals. Twice a year, those who demonstrate consistent growth are rewarded with the ultimate recognition: a promotion! This summer’s promotion announcement gave many ZSers around the world a reason to celebrate. Here’s how a few marked the occasion.

ZSer Scott (Princeton) made a trip to New York City for a celebratory dinner with his team at Wokuni.

Scott Xu

Upon hearing the news, Philadelphia ZSer Aseem packed his bags and booked a quick weekend trip to Madrid.

Aseem ASfah

London ZSer Toshit reached new heights in both his career and personal life, as he celebrated with a 15,000-foot tandem skydive. He has safely reached ground level and can confirm, it was amazing!

Toshit Agarwal

When your family is spread across the country, it’s always special when the group can gather – and it’s even more special when you just received a promotion! Evanston ZSer Ailie shared the special news with her family during a vacation in Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Ailie Reasons Promotion Celebration

Toronto ZSer Alexander celebrated his promotion at A Toi, a speakeasy where they travelled back to the 1920s and rode to their seats on a luggage cart.

Alexander Perelgut

ZSer Sisi (New York) celebrated two milestones within one week: getting promoted to manager and welcoming her son into the world (perhaps a future ZSer?). To celebrate, she went for a night out on the town and enjoyed some sushi, which she hadn’t had in ten months!

sisi zhu

Evanston ZSer Will celebrated in Ireland by visiting beautiful cliffs and authentic Irish pubs!

Will Weyenberg

New Delhi ZSer Himanshu celebrated his promotion with his team by taking a spontaneous trip to Rishikesh along the Ganges River.

Himanshu Gupta

Princeton ZSer Viditha celebrated with her family in scenic upstate New York.

Viditha Mahavadi

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