Newly Promoted ZSers Celebrate in Style

Posted by ZS on Jan 18, 2019 4:27:09 PM

Twice a year, ZSers around the world are given the ultimate recognition for their hard work and contributions—a promotion! This winter’s announcement gave a number of ZSers something extra to celebrate this holiday season. From outdoor adventures to drool-worthy destinations to quality time with friends and family, ZSers found a way to celebrate their well-deserved career advancement in style. 

ZSer Bharat (San Mateo) celebrated his promotion in the lap of nature, soaking in the sun at the Grand Canyon. He ended the trip soaking in the grandeur of Las Vegas, NV.

Bharat Bhatia

The promotion announcement came just a few days before Pune ZSer Kishan’s vacation to Oman, which gave him the opportunity to celebrate with his family who have supported him throughout his career journey.

Kishan Daniel (1)

Evanston ZSer Nelson celebrated his promotion at home in Colorado with his favorite pastime—skiing with friends and family.

skiing cropped for blog

For ZSer Saurabh (New Delhi), his promotion represents his perseverance, passion and endurance—qualities that also serve him well during his trekking expeditions. Saurabh celebrated his promotion by hiking the hills of Himachal Pradesh, India with friends.

Saurabh Sharma (1)

ZSer Shilpi (San Mateo) received the good news a few days before an extended vacation to India and Bali for her wedding and honeymoon, so she added her promotion to the list of things to celebrate. Talk about happily ever after!

Shilpi Mathrani

New Delhi ZSer Tameesh celebrated his promotion by sharing a few sweet treats with his team.

Tameesh Sood

Evanston ZSer Terri opted for a staycation with a little self-care and celebrated her promotion by spending time with her two kids over the holidays.

Terri Petmezas (2)

Multiple promotions within a team is certainly a reason for celebration! Newly promoted New Delhi ZSers Abhinav, Atul and Arushi went to dinner and danced the night away with their team.

Abhinav Piplani

ZSer Arushi (New Delhi) wasn’t the only person in her family to recently advance in her career—her mom was also recently promoted. Together, they celebrated the good news with their family.

Arushi Arora (3)

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