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Los Angeles ZSer Alexis’s Journey Spans Marketing, Tech and Sales

Posted by ZS on Oct 28, 2019 11:43:35 AM

After graduating with a degree in chemical engineering, Alexis joined the Business Consulting Capability Group in ZS’s Los Angeles office in 2015. Her consulting journey started with a number of projects in qualitative and quantitative market research with one of ZS’s pharmaceutical clients.

2After two years, Alexis was curious about the other types of projects ZSers in her office were working on. A few casual coffee conversations with colleagues led her to uncover a whole host of interesting work – all happening within the same client space. Alexis expressed her interest in trying something new and soon, she began working on a technology project involving an iOS application.

“Given my background in chemical engineering, I never thought I’d be able to work on a technology project,” she said. “It was a great growth opportunity within my client space though, and I had valuable role models and continuous guidance which empowered me to be successful.”

Hungry for more experience, Alexis recently seized the opportunity to expand her knowledge yet again and begin working on a salesforce sizing and structure project. Her career path has exposed her to a broad range of practices, while allowing her to develop deep expertise within her client space.

“Our client team leader took the time to give me visibility into ongoing project work and helped me better understand how our client’s organization functions holistically, so I can continue identifying opportunities to develop expertise,” she said.

Outside of her project work, Alexis is actively involved 3-1 in ZS’s Women’s Leadership Initiative. In her free time, you can find her outside enjoying her natural Southern California habitat – either at the beach with friends, or on a mountain with her hiking buddies.

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