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Global Leadership Meeting Encourages ZSers to Climb Higher

Posted by ZS on Sep 16, 2019 6:28:26 PM

chrisEvery year, ZS’s principals and associate principals come together to review our firm’s strategy and performance, learn about the latest developments across our business and plan for the future.

“This year’s meeting was all about stepping up to the plate, enhancing our core strengths, performing at our peak and recognizing the power within ourselves,” said Managing Director Chris Wright. “It was as much about focusing on the future as it was about reflecting on our personal milestones.”

Years ago, Co-Founder Prabha Sinha coined the phrase “living on the slope” and it has since been embedded in our firm’s DNA. No matter how good you get at something, you should never feel like you’ve reached the top of the mountain and are coasting along on flat terrain. If you do, it’s time to find a new slope to climb. As ZSers, we’re always focused on staying agile and embracing new challenges to stay ahead and provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients and their customers.  

Climbing Together

Climbing a slope may often feel like an individual journey. With your eyes fixed on the peak, it’s easy to forget to look backwards and reach out your hand to pull someone else up. While this meeting is always an important opportunity to share business updates, ZSers were invited to reflect on how living on the slope extends beyond their professional work and permeates everything that we do.

An interactive ZS Cares session showcased two nonprofit children’s literacy organizations that ZS’s San Francisco office has partnered with for several years: BookTrust and 826 Valencia. In a fireside chat, Principal Jeff Gold (San Francisco) sat down with BookTrust CEO Tiffany Kuehner to discuss how we can lift up our local communities. He even shared a personal story about joining the Board of Directors for BookTrust and how that keeps him living on the slope.

“As a BookTrust board member, I’ve had the opportunity to leverage jeff my ZS experience and expertise to make a positive impact on children’s literacy,” said Jeff. “Seeing a room filled with ZSers and their families connect with the massive gap in opportunity for low income children, was powerful.  Without access to books in their homes, these children struggle to break their family’s cycle of poverty.”

After the inspiring conversation, ZSers put pen to paper – literally – and completed a Mad Libs-style activity with 826 Valencia. The final literary creations will be compiled into a short storybook and shared with ZSers and our nonprofit partners. Through donations from ZS and event attendees, we were able to give substantial donations to both organizations. For BookTrust, this is enough to sponsor two classrooms for an entire school year! 

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