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Computer Geek to Consultant: Principal Kapil Lends “Tech-spertise” to ZS

Posted by ZS on Jul 18, 2018, 10:00:00 AM


A “computer geek” has no business at a management consulting firm. That’s what Principal Kapil would have thought 20 years ago when he started his career as a software developer during the dot com boom—a path that eventually led him to become a chief architect and IT executive at several companies over the course of more than a decade. Even just five years ago, consulting would have seemed like an unlikely career move for Kapil. Today though, he works as a principal in ZS’s Princeton office. 

“I had several friends who worked in consulting and they encouraged me to give it a try,” Kapil said.

At the end of Kapil’s first project—a large, very challenging one—he realized he loved the thrill of his new gig. Today, he works within business technology and leads the REVO Analytics platform along with other Big Data-related projects. The nature of his expertise has led him to work on projects across many industries and verticals across pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

What’s the most game-changing feedback you ever received.

Years ago, one of my mentors told me that success is not an accident. To be successful, you have to work hard and be persistent. Her words have always stuck with me and served as a reminder to always give my best, and never take anything for granted.

What’s the best idea you ever had?

When I first joined in 2014, I was working with a large client whose challenge was that their current technology wasn’t working the way they wanted. We came up with a new solution using Big Data. The client didn’t move forward with it, but the exercise of articulating it proved to us that Big Data could indeed solve their problem—a problem that many other clients faced, too.

We were inspired to create an easy-to-implement solution that was scalable, blends our domain expertise and can be used by most ZSers. The product that resulted became the foundation of our analytics platform REVO—ZS’s one-of-a-kind analytics-accelerating solution that enables data ingestion and has the power to transform an enterprise and effectively empower all teams.

Give your 25-year-old self one piece of advice.

Stop and smell the roses! When I was younger, I was so focused on “doing.” I was eager to try new things, and I moved from one project to the next very quickly. Today, I try to take a step back every so often to reflect on and appreciate my accomplishments—big and small.

What’s your life like outside work?

My wife Christa and I have two daughters—Sanya, 16 and Jasmine, 12. We love traveling together, and I try to get as much time in with the girls as possible. I spend my free time catching up on Netflix and reading, particularly about the latest technologies. I’m still a geek at heart! 


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