3260_SM_FacialRecognition_Blog (1)-1Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be limited to tech giants. Other industries, too, can use computer vision—cameras, sensors and the internet of things—to improve their own customer experiences. Companies can learn how to better serve their customers by watching them, literally. Specifically, computer vision can help measure customer preferences and target marketing offers to them based on what they’re buying or how they’re feeling.

Although implementing computer vision and AI might seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Here are two ways to leverage computer vision at your firm:

  1. Cognitive complexity: Casino player skill assessment is tied to the reasoning aspect of cognitive complexity, a series of smaller tasks that help humans make decisions. If a player chooses to play at the table of a casino, the casino must rely on its dealers’ and supervisors’ observations to estimate the player’s skill level and value to the casino, which can be wildly inaccurate. Every year, casinos spend hundreds of millions of dollars to measure this, since overestimating a player’s value destroys the lifetime profitability for the casino, while underestimating it negatively affects the player’s loyalty to the casino because they could miss sending the players relevant coupons or offers to entice them to play again.

    Computer vision can take human error out of the equation by recording a video of game play on a blackjack table. By using an automated cloud system to analyze player behavior in the videos, such as how much they bet and how skillfully they played, a casino could create digital personas that could then be used to adjust its marketing efforts, such as offering free play and giveaways to loyal customers.


  1. Scene variety: When customers line up to rent a car, the most frustrating part is often long wait times. However, computer vision helps car rental companies detect the length of the line by counting the number of people that enter and leave it. Stores can then optimize the number of service reps based on demand and deliver a better customer experience. In the future, machines could also analyze the emotions of people in lines to figure out whether they need more attention from employees.

Computer vision is nothing new, but it’s here to stay. Thinking about the business problems that computer vision can help your company solve, and finding ways to implement the technology to connect with your customers, will help your company stay ahead of the competition and improve its marketing efforts, overall.

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