Hotel Spinoff Brands Can't Just Be 'Cheap' or 'Chic.' They Also Have to Be Well-Planned

Posted by Andrea Mazzu on Tue, Jan 29, 2019

In a bid to compete with Airbnb and appeal to travelers’ increased desire for unique experiences, hotel companies have rolled out what The New York Times calls “cheap chic” spinoff brands: well-designed properties at budget-friendly prices. These new brands, like Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Avid or Marriott’s Moxy, feature hotels where unique themes or hip designs are the focus. Avid is geared toward young professionals, and promises “basic done exceptionally well.” Avid’s guest rooms have a smaller footprint but are designed to provide a great night’s sleep, and before guests head out for the day, they have access to health-minded breakfast options in the lobby. At Moxy hotels, the front desk has been replaced by a bar, and lobby screens display guests’ Instagram posts from Moxy hotels around the world.

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