Structured Assessment of Value Strategy is Key to Effective IDN Partnerships

Posted by Matt Ruple on Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Joe Stevens co-wrote this blog post with Matt Ruple. 

Our life sciences clients often ask, “How can we create mutual value for large, organized customers and ourselves?” While this sounds like a simple question, it masks a number of challenges. In previous posts we discussed how IDNs try to create mutual value, but ultimately elevate one key management goal as their top organizational priority. Frequently, these management goals transform from ideas to action at the service line level, where various departments within an IDN then express therapeutic area level needs. For example, a large IDN taking capitated payments for some of its population may track total cost of care across specialty drugs in oncology and rheumatology, while in cardiology, the focus may be on transition of care and discharge protocols to reduce readmissions.

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