In Large-Scale Technology Delivery, Success Depends on Effective Program Management

Posted by Nikhil Bhilegaonkar on Fri, Feb 07, 2020

Kerry Quinn co-wrote this blog post with Nikhil Bhilegaonkar

In this age of digitally driven capabilities and business models, organizations are under constant pressure to evolve to the rhythm of changing technologies. The shift from legacy systems to advanced ones is an uphill task. Not only is it technically complex, but it's also daunting to ensure that evolving technology continues to meet the objectives of the business. Add to that the ever-increasing complexity of data management and the need to stay current with an evolving technology ecosystem, and you’ve got yourself an Everest to climb. Surely, the climb isn’t impossible, but many companies fail to reach the summit, and many of those that do, fall short of the desired business value.

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