Sister Markets: Global Differences in Social Norms and Construal Level Theory

Posted by Jacob Braude on Tue, Jul 30, 2019

Samantha Rodney co-wrote this blog post with Jacob Braude.

Let’s say I told you that we surveyed your peers, and 65% of them said that when they have a health concern, they usually go to the doctor with a preferred treatment in mind. Do you think this would influence your own attitude about going to the doctor with a treatment in mind? If you’re in the U.K., chances are it would—but if you’re a patient in Italy, not so much.

This is an example of social norms bias, the unconscious tendency to behave as you think others are behaving. We surveyed patients with chronic conditions across five markets in North America and Europe and found several differences in biased responses that have implications for pharma brand teams and their marketing strategies.

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