Laissez-Faire vs. Over-Prepared: What Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment Tells Us About Patients

Posted by Jessica Aguilar on Mon, Mar 25, 2019

Hensley Evans co-wrote this blog post with Jessica Aguilar.

At long last, it has arrived. No, not your Amazon package—it’s your doctor’s appointment. Whether it’s an annual exam or an appointment with a specialist that took weeks or months to secure, appointment anticipation brings about several different feelings and behaviors for patients.

Above the surface, patients can rationalize why they feel or behave a certain way, but below the surface, most of their behaviors are automatic, uncensored and instinctual. The behaviors on autopilot are known as cognitive biases. It’s important for marketers to understand which cognitive biases are driving patient behavior so that marketing efforts are orchestrated as a strategic response to activate or mitigate each cognitive bias to meet behavioral and business objectives.

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