A New Delivery System for Next-Generation Cell and Gene Therapies

Posted by Maria Whitman on Thu, Apr 25, 2019

Kris Elverum of Turnstone Biologics co-wrote this blog post with Maria Whitman.

The evolution of medicines from small molecules to proteins has greatly advanced patient care, and up until now, our system of therapeutic delivery in the U.S. commercial system has been built with these therapeutics in mind. The next generation of cellular and gene therapies holds tremendous promise for patients, but only if the existing delivery system is revamped. There’s a real risk that most patients won’t benefit from these therapies as stakeholders struggle to find successful business models. In a recent article for Nature’s Gene Therapy, my industry colleague, Kris Elverum, and I take a critical look at the U.S. system and outline what needs to change to make approved cell and gene therapies accessible to patients.

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