shutterstock_603881594.jpgChanges within the healthcare ecosystem—continued M&A activity, the emergence of value-based care, influences within local healthcare markets—are affecting many ways in which biopharmaceutical manufacturers are going to market. Companies are adapting by adding new sales roles, differentiating the types of roles across the nation, co-developing solutions with large providers, and rethinking their sales compensation strategies

The changes to sales compensation are most evident in three areas: the need to design plans for many more roles (especially key account managers), the increased prevalence of customer support roles whose impact will be measured through non-sales metrics, and concern from traditional sales reps on the fairness and accuracy of their quota-based plans. 

In our BioPharma Dive webinar, “Aligning Compensation With Changing Customer-Facing Roles in Pharma,” we discuss how companies can adapt their sales compensation plans in these three areas to meet the needs of the changing healthcare ecosystem. Tune in on Tuesday, June 6, at 2 p.m. ET.


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