Is Coronavirus the Spark That Telehealth Needs?

Posted by Victoria Summers on Fri, Mar 13, 2020

Earlier this year, experts agreed that telehealth was poised to become mainstream in 2020. Spurred by broad access through smartphones and supported by health plans across the U.S., telehealth finally has the financial reimbursement and regulatory guidelines to enable patients and physicians to connect online. But now, COVID-19 has come on the scene. With the outbreak of the coronavirus in China and its rapid spread around the world, private companies and governments have encouraged people to quarantine themselves if they believe that they may have the virus. But how do patients know if they have it? If they suspect that they do have it, how can they access care in a way that doesn’t expose others? And if patients have health questions unrelated to coronavirus, wouldn’t they prefer to stay away from clinics and hospitals to decrease their risk of exposure?

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